TechDay 2010 유럽의 강연이 PT 문서와 동영상이 올라왔더군요.
자세히는 모르겠지만 일부는 미국의 PDC 때의 세션과 같은 것도 보이더군요.

저는 네이티브 개발자라서 엄청 많은 세션 중에서 아래의 것들만 일단 볼 생각입니다

ALM for C++ in Visual Studio 2010

Modern Programming with C++0x in Microsoft Visual C++ 2010

Introducing Parallel Programming with .NET 4.0 ? Why is it Important and How to Get Started!

Windows Processes, Threads and Jobs all Around

The Black Art of Fixing Busted Applications Part 1: Win32 Application Compatibility

Advanced Programming Patterns for Windows 7

Visualization and Modeling in Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate

The Future of Parallel Programming in Visual Studio (Repeats on Friday)

Patterns for Parallel Programming
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이번에 미국에서 개최된 MS TechDay2010 자료가 공개 되었습니다.

에서 강연 영상이나 강연 문서를 얻을 수 있습니다.


저는 대충 아래의 것들이 흥미가 있어서 이후 볼 생각입니다.


Profiling and Debugging Parallel Code with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


Scale and Productivity for C++ Developers with Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tips and Tricks


Task Parallel Library: Design Principles and Best Practices


Top 10 Developer Mistakes That Won't Scale


Microsoft Visual C++ 2010: The "Fast" Way towards Modern Windows Applications


Connecting Native Code and Web Services Using Windows Web Services API


Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 for Unrepentant C++ Developers


Microsoft Visual C# Compiler Tricks


Taming Massive Codebases Using the Visual C++ IDE


Parallel Computing with Native C++ in Microsoft Visual Studio 2010


Building High Performance Parallel Software





Microsoft Silverlight Performance on Windows Phone


Building a High Performance 3D Game for Windows Phone


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